1) Register on the site and log-in.
2) Fill out the PFA Membership Form to the right.  If your user record was imported into the system, your address and contact information may already be filled in.  Please make sure it is complete and accurate
3) Click the Submit button to submit the Form.
4) Go to the School Store and "Add" the PFA Dues item.  Check out and pay.  (Note: You will be given the option to pay by credit card or check.)
5) The PFA will notify you that your application has been processed.
Thank you for joining the PFC!
 WHAT DOES MY $20 Membership GET ME?

For only $20 a year, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you have been able to assist one of the best schools in Louisiana to accomplish things it would not be able to do financially.  The PFA has provided lunch for the judges of the Science fair and Geo-Journey Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in Spring and Fall. It has also helped with Orientation, Registration, and Open House.   The PFA plans to donate an item on the BRMHS’ need/want list this year.  This and much more will be discussed at our next meeting.  Please join us!