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 For only $20 a year, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you have been able to assist one of the best schools in Louisiana accomplish things it would not be able to do financially.  The PFC has provided prizes for the science fair and the art show. It has also helped with Open House, Orientation and Registration. During 2014, the PFC purchased a mascot costume for Butch the Bulldog.  The PFC has also provided refreshments for judges and at various events, sponsored activities, chaperoned school dances and helped when and where needed.  This includes such things as assisting the library in purchasing ink so students may use the copiers and donating funds so that all students will be able to take AP tests and attend field trips.  The PFC plans to donate an item on the BRMHS’ need/want list this year.  This will be discussed at our next meeting.  Please join us!